Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics

Make better business decisions by leveraging data-driven insights.

Each analysis and reports can make a huge difference on operations. They provide you with concrete data to help make better decisions in your business.

Reports in real time

Real-time access to performance, shift, and inventory reports

Mobile-friendly interface

The Amaz Manager App allows you to monitor your performance from any mobile device.

Access real-time data from any location, at any time.

Real-time sales statistics
Create real-time reports on your sales performance.

Reports on shifts and personnel performance
Monitor employee activities with detailed timesheets and employee performance reports.

Reports on Loyalty
Keep track of critical loyalty indicators like average spend and total cashback.

Mobile-friendly UI designed to save you time

A single dashboard for all of your data
Access sales, loyalty, product, and promotional data with ease.

Mobile StoreHub Manager App
Receive real-time information about staff, stock, incoming orders, and more on your smartphone.

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