Membership System

Membership System
Membership System

Amaz's Membership Program can help you increase customer advocacy.

A robust and comprehensive incentive program that encourages customers to return and spend more.

Both you and your customers will find it simple to use.

It is simple for you to reward

Choose between cashback and shop credit. You may easily change the amount from your Amaz’s dashboard.

It is simple for your consumers to redeem

They only need their cell phones to get the cashback or store credit.

Create your own customer database.

Upon checkout, collect important consumer data and insights, identify your most loyal customers, and engage them via SMS or email marketing.

With consumer insights, you can make smarter judgments.
Improve your understanding of your clients and use tailored promotions.

Engage your customers.
Share the most recent product news, special offers, and promotions with your customers via SMS or email marketing.

Integrated incentive program

Engage your consumers with an integrated rewards program that you can run whenever and wherever you want.

You may quickly customize in-store and online campaigns.
Select Cashback or Store Credit and enter your desired amount.

Customers will find it simple to redeem
Simple redemption on your clients’ next purchase.

Convert transactions into long-term connections.​

Keep track of which customers spend the most and who returns the most. Customers will benefit from more focused and meaningful promotions and offers.

Improve your understanding of user behavior.
Examine the number of visits and the average purchase value per customer.

Use compelling, targeted promotions.
Target loyal consumers with relevant offers at the appropriate moment.


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