Online Ordering

Online Ordering
Online Ordering

Increase your earnings by allowing online ordering.

Allow consumers to request delivery or self-pick up directly from your restaurant to keep your margins intact.

Maintain your own food delivery service while keeping your profit margins.

Reduced transaction fees

Maintain a profitable omnichannel business with decreased transaction costs.

Take control of your delivery area.

You pick how far you wish to distribute (up to a 20-kilometer radius).


Integrates completely with your Amaz Point of Sale

Reach more customers online while protecting your profits

Increase your sales.
A delivery radius of up to 20 kilometers allows you to reach more clients and increase revenue.

Customers have a variety of order options.
Customers can choose between delivery, self-pickup, and pre-ordering (up to 5 days in advance).

Customized webpage link
Promote your store by providing a personalized website link that displays your menu.

Simple logistics for improved delivery fulfillment

Complete logistical control
Select your desired delivery method: our fleet or your own riders.

Job creation that is automated
When a consumer places an order, a job is automatically generated for you.

Live tracking and updates
Send customers automatic tracking information and real-time updates.

Completely integrated and seamless

Integration at the point of sale
Orders are transmitted immediately to your POS and kitchen, eliminating the need for you to enter the same order again.

Inventory has been synced
Orders are linked with inventories, so you can easily keep track of ingredients and menu items.

Menu administration made simple
Both the in-store and online menus may be effortlessly linked and updated.

Improved order flow
Control order flow at peak periods, and shut down your online business once you’ve achieved full working capacity.

Revolutionize Your F&B Business Today

Experience seamless digital transformation, cost-saving solutions, and unparalleled support for your F&B venture.

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