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About Us
About Us

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Leading Sabah's Digital Transformation

KK POS System & Hardware was established in September 2017, main business is distributing IT hardware and POS systems, located at Sabah.

Our company distributes only the finest quality product at a reasonable price, and that is all thanks to the effort of our team.

We focus on digital transformation of the F&B industry, realizing a new O2O retail operation model, and achieving a time-saving, cost-saving, and high-transformation integrated system into F&B industry.

We help solving the pain points faced by the F&B industry and has supported more than 3000 from small to large F&B companies whole Malaysia.

We have transformed restaurants to E-POS, giving more functions to make it easier for operators to operate restaurants without spending expensive money, and solve their troubles immediately.

We are here to grow and assist business owners to scale their F&B industry.

Our Team

Unifying Our Collaborative Team

Chea Hoong Tak

Co-Founder and Director - Redefine Excellence

Meet the visionary leader behind the company’s success. With a deep understanding of the F&B industry and a passion for innovation, Chea drives our team to redefine excellence in F&B POS solutions. His customer-centric approach, strategic vision, and unwavering dedication set the standard for our industry.

Dr. Jeft Lee

Co-Founder and Director - A Maestro of F&B Point of Sale Solutions

Meet the visionary leader driving innovation in our company. With unmatched expertise, a problem-solving mindset, and a knack for strategic direction, Dr. Jeft Lee is transforming the F&B Point of Sale industry. Join us on the path to success in your F&B business.

Agnes Yapp

Executive Assistant - Elevating Your Business

Meet our dedicated team member, the driving force behind our company’s success in the F&B Point of Sale industry. With a customer-centric approach and a keen understanding of your unique needs, our Sales Executive is committed to delivering tailored solutions that will take your business to new heights. Join us on the journey to elevate your F&B operations.

Arnold Kong

Sales & Technical Partner - Your Tech Visionary

Introducing our Technical Partner, the driving force in the world of Point of Sale (POS). With a forward-thinking approach and a proven track record, our Technical Partner is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that empower your business. Team up with us and our exceptional Technical Partner to unlock the future of POS technology.

Daniel Chan

Technical Partner - Seasoned POS Expert

Meet our Technical Partner, the seasoned pro in the realm of Point of Sale (POS) technology. With years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the industry, our Technical Partner is committed to providing robust, reliable solutions that streamline your business operations. Collaborate with our accomplished Technical Partner to harness the power of cutting-edge POS technology for your success.

Revolutionize Your F&B Business Today

Experience seamless digital transformation, cost-saving solutions, and unparalleled support for your F&B venture.

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