Multi-Location Management

Multi-Location Management
Multi-Location Management

Manage activities across various sites with ease.

With Amaz’s Multi-Location Management, you can achieve operational excellence for any business size.

Streamline restaurant operations across several locations.

Take charge of your own menu.

Make a menu that works best for your company.

Control performance

Gain complete visibility of performance across numerous channels from a single dashboard.

Take charge of your own menu.

Menu creation is simple.
Create a master menu that appears at the location(s) you choose.

Several menu variations
Have menu items that are only available at one location? You can also build different menu selections.

Pricing varies according to location.
Set various menu prices for each location.

Enhanced security

Several user profiles
Set access levels for your employees, store managers, and headquarters personnel.

Platform sturdiness
Increased uptime leads to improved service reliability.

Manage your performance from a single dashboard.

Reports that have been compiled
Gain a complete picture of performance across all locations, with the option to restrict employees’ access to simply their own locations’ performance.

Stock management is simplified.
To secure your profitability, manage stock transfers smoothly across outlets.

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