Waiter Ordering System

Waiter Ordering System
Waiter Ordering System

Amaz Waiter Ordering System

Reduce time spent on manual HR tasks by integrating an employee management solution with your point of sale.

Employee management made simple with Amaz

No more punch cards

Using a single POS system, you can keep track of clock ins and clock outs.

All-in-one platform

One location for all of your employees’ performance

No more punch cards; instead, use the POS to clock in and out.

Reports on shift changes
Produce complete shift reports outlining open and shut timings, total transactions, and total sales.

Employee hours and punch data are automatically logged and synced.

One location for all of your employees' performance

Employee sales performance
Keep track of how much money each employee brings in.

Logs of activity
Using a single dashboard, you can monitor staff behavior.

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