Customisable Promotions

Customisable Promotions
Customisable Promotions

Make a statement with customizable promotions.

Customizable promos can help you engage your customers, increase sales, and establish loyalty.

Make your own promotions possible

Choose from many sorts of promos to run in your store and customize backend mechanics

Integration from online to offline

You can design a single promotion to manage both your online store and offline sales.

Make your own promotions possible.

Various sorts of promotions
Choose from six different types of promotions, including percentage off, amount off, bundles, free shipping, and more.

Customize the promotion mechanics
You determine when and how long your campaign will run, as well as which stores you can use it in.

Audiences that are specifically targeted
Choose whether this promotion is available to all of your consumers or to certain categories of customers.

Integration from online to offline

One promotion, numerous distribution channels
Select Cashback or Store Credit and enter your desired amount.

Performance tracking and detailed information
Our backend technology allows you to track the performance of your promotions both online and offline.

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